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Happenings on “The Big Break”

10 Jan

Annnnnnddd we’re back. It is currently Tuesday January 10th, exactly one week since Union college has resumed. Welcome to Winter Term 2012, probably the longest and coldest trimester of the academic year. Oddly enough this winter trimester really hasn’t boasted much cold or much snow so far. It is already January and not a drop of snow can be found on the ground, which I won’t say is a bad thing when you have to walk everywhere on campus. The air is slightly nippy in upstate New York, but this winter term looks like it is going to be rather mild in comparison to last. I’m very relieved.

Before I can even begin to discuss the present I need to take a moment to reflect on the past six weeks away from Union and what exactly it is I’m bringing back this term. I’ve had many awesome experiences over the break, each one enabling me to gain a little wisdom along the way. I got to spend six restful weeks with my family and although that might sound absolutely awful to some, it turned out to be a great thing for me. You never appreciate your family more than when you go away to college for an extended period of time. Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled to come back here, but the extra time with my family brought us all closer together. My sister even came home from Las Vegas (where she currently resides) for two weeks of familial bliss in Albany. All was well at the Keegan household.

My sister, brothers, and cousins on Christmas

The majority of the break I spent working at Cafe NOLA and the Spectrum (an independent movie theater in Albany). I got to hang out with friends from high school I hadn’t had time to see and I got some much needed sleep. I also found out that I had received an offer to be a French teacher’s assistant during Union’s March break which means I get to go to Paris for two whole weeks! This was definitely one of the highlights of my break. I also celebrated my 20th birthday on January 1st and couldn’t have asked to spend it in a better way, surrounded by my family and a warm fireplace. The only thing that was missing were my friends from Union, but two days later that problem was solved.

When it comes down to it break was awesome, but by the end I was ready to come back to school and start the new trimester and the New Year.