I am a Disney Princess: Dreams do Come True

19 Apr

Look at the resolution of that screen!

After dreaming about getting the new iPad for several months my dreams are finally going to come true! The main issue in regards to successfully being granted this fabulous gift was of course money. Capital M-O-N-E-Y. The new iPad costs over $500 and as a college student paying off a trip to Rennes in the fall, I really don’t have an extra 500 lying around. I was resolved to save up as much as I could and if I could scrounge together enough pennies to afford it at the end of the summer I’d buy it. But recently something deliciously wonderful has happened to me. No I did not win the lottery, although that would be pretty sick if I had. I had the luck of it being spring trimester here at Union as my Federal Loan Refund check came to me in the mail. Now I expected it to be the same as last trimester, around $200, but this time there was a great difference. My check was worth an outstanding $650!!!!

Beautiful white iPad (soon to be mine!)

What luck to have exactly the amount I need for an iPad. I almost fell to the floor I was so excited (flashback to last year when a hot guy texted me and I fell on the floor in a puddle of utter happiness). I now have exactly the amount I need to purchase a plane ticket to Europe AND the iPad AND an awesome case for it. I can hardly wait to go deposit my check to purchase my new little baby. This will be the first time I’ve had a new electronic gadget in over three years. That in itself is reason to celebrate.

Cases, Cases, and more Cases. Loving the striped Kate Spade in the right-hand corner.


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