Spring Cuties

12 Apr

Since the beginning of spring I’ve been seeing non-stop adorableness everywhere I turn. Students are bringing puppies onto campus left and right and all I want to do is steal them (they are that cute). I also can’t help but to notice the influx of baby squirrels overtaking the trees. Honestly, they just might be some of the most precious critters I’ve ever seen. I am holding my breath just waiting for the baby bunnies that I know will spring up one of these days. This is exactly why spring is my favorite season. There is so much new life on campus (prospective students included!) and it makes my heart swell just looking around at it all. So for today I am going to dedicate my post to these little baby booboos. Here is a photo gallery that will instantaneously make your heart melt:


Baby Monkey...I just want to kiss his teeny face!


I can't tell you how badly I want a piglet in my dorm room, forever.



The ultimate cuddle buddy.


Baby Reds! Wish we had these here.


Just asked my roommate to buy a duckling with me...crossing my fingers she says yes.


This baby hamster is so small it is painfully cute.


Precious froggy!


: )

And last but not least…


Floppy ears are beyond adorable on baby bunnies.


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