Yeah, I’ve got baggage too.

6 Mar

So here it is Tuesday already and I have wonderful news to share! My brand-new luggage that I ordered three days ago has arrived in the mail. Now this isn’t just ordinary luggage, this is my very own 4 piece set of luggage for my own personal use. For the past 20 years I have been using my parents suitcases to travel and now I finally have my own. It is a wonderful feeling, especially due to the fact that I love to travel so much. It was about time I bought my own lovely set of luggage customized to my liking.

Instead of going for the ordinary, run of the mill set of luggage that so many people have I decided to go out on a limb. No black or grey luggage sets with hideous zippers and even uglier insides. No, no, no. I chose a different route for my very first set. I purchased a gorgeous giraffe print set of luggage complete with pink piping around the seams and zippers. The second I laid eyes on this set in the flesh I literally went bananas. I pried it from my fathers hands and was so overcome with joy I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. I was obsessed instantaneously. Mine, mine, mine, all mine. This great buy was quite the success. I hurried them up to my room and began packing the biggest case with all of the Paris and Vannes essentials. I can’t wait to wheel these babies around the airport like a G. I seriously feel like a different woman with them which sounds absolutely ridiculous, but hey, you can’t stop love.


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