Sunday Morning and the Rest of My Life

19 Jan

On Sunday morning I woke up around 9:30 am in order to have enough time to get ready for work. Now as you all know I work at Cafe NOLA on Union St., but what you might not know is that Sunday morning boasts a few brunch items including a very delicious cajun omelette, eggs to order, and hash browns. When I arrived at work I began setting up the tables and wrapping some silverware when I was informed that Sandy, the Cafe’s “Spiritual Intuitive” (aka Tarot Card Reader), would be doing readings all day. Now I had seen Sandy come in for lunch a few times since I began working at the Cafe, but I had always sort of kept my distance. I think I was a little afraid of what she might already know about me! Well that soon changed as the day wore on. Around 2:30 I finished up with my tables when my boss excitedly asked me if I wanted to get my cards read by Sandy. I was a little afraid to ask myself, so she was kind enough to ask her for me. I marched upstairs to where Sandy sat in the mystical corner and took a seat across from her, only imagining what was about to ensue.

"Spiritual Intuitive" Sandy with her cards

Sandy told me that she was excited to give me a reading because she could tell I was intuitive and that would make the reading more fun. She asked me to shuffle the deck and then asked me to split it into three piles. After doing so she picked them up in my desired order and then flipped the first card. “The Devil”. I almost laughed out loud. She assured me this wasn’t a bad thing as Capricorn’s are often times associated with the devil in appearance. She then began doling out my cards in a wide circle. It began to get oddly creepy when she then asked me if I had been broken up with or had broken up with someone that I had really cared about and been deeply hurt by. I told her that yes I had. She then told me that she first thought I was a Scorpio because she sensed its presence lingering on me, then asked what my ex’s sign was. Of course it was Scorpio… She told me to forget about him because I was destined for someone else who I would find much better than him, someone that I would feel secure with. Weird.

The next bizarre thing was when she asked if  my mother was a teacher, which she is. She also didn’t recognize that my father was a teacher, but instead said he was about to start on a different path in his life using his creative talents, which he has been dreaming of doing for a long time! She then asked if I was going a trip abroad somewhere soon which I am in March. I told her I am going to Paris and she told me that it would not be the first time I would go. She said that I would find my way back there, possibly to stay as she also saw me with an international, long distance boyfriend doing some sort of job translating. She also saw me doing something with writing which was an exciting revelation. She finished off my reading by exclaiming that my sister lived quite a ways away (which she does, she lives in Vegas), and than said that she would marry someone she met in Vegas. Oddly enough, my sister has been with her current boyfriend for over a year and they are quite the adorable and almost perfect couple.

When the reading was finished she actually thanked me for letting her read my cards which I thought was kind of funny. Here she had just laid my future across one of the Cafe’s tables and she was the one thanking me! Going into the reading I had had no idea what to expect and was even a little skeptical about the whole affair. I had once been with my friend when she got a pretty inaccurate reading at a sketchy gypsy-like woman’s house and I think I was a little put off by it. All of that changed within a little less than 15 minutes when I was given ample proof of Sandy’s own spiritual abilities. I would honestly recommend her readings to those with an open mind and eagerness to find out a little bit about themselves. Sandy usually does readings at the Cafe on Wednesdays for a pretty reasonable price of $20 dollars, but if anyone would like to contact her directly I would go to to schedule a meeting with her. For me the reading wasn’t so much about the information she presented about me, but what she said about the loved ones that surround me. So who knows, maybe you’ll take the next step and find out something extraordinary about your friends, your family, or even yourself!


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