The Snowy Day

12 Jan

One of my favorite books when I was younger. Quite fitting for today!

Well I think I jinxed the city of Schenectady with my very first post back from winter break. As it turns out, snow was in the forecast…as were a few other things.

Three interesting things happened to me when I woke up this morning. The first was the shock of a life time when I happened to glance out the window to see the world covered in snow! And not just a powdering of snow, a substantial amount that makes walking that much trickier. I almost passed out in surprise (and lack of sleep the night before). Even though I knew it would be a pain and a half to walk through, it made the campus that much more beautiful. I at least had to admit that much to myself. The second thing I realized was the serious drop in temperature. My common room felt at least 10 degrees cooler than the day before and the air outside had a frigidness to it. I rolled out of bed and immediately had to put socks on my feet for fear of frostbite. On top of that I even felt it necessary to throw on my bathrobe to make the trek out to the bathroom where I was met with my third surprise for the morning.

I had just finished my bathroom business when I happened to glance at my face in the mirror while washing my hands. I was completely taken back by what I saw. It wasn’t me I was looking at, but rather an unfortunate looking monster. Quasimodo-esque to be quite exact. I had a spattering of hives under my eyes and on my forehead, and to top it all off my right eyelid was red, itchy, and bulging. That’s right, only my right eyelid. I was completely lopsided and looked like an absolute idiot. I turned screaming from the bathroom (and by screaming I mean fake crying for dramatic effect) and went to inspect the damage in the privacy of my own room.

This looks about right...

The evidence was all there. I had had an allergic reaction to my face wash which had caused my eyelid to swell to a hideous shape and size and my face to break out in splotchy hives. I frantically rubbed Benadryl on my face and lid, but the itching and irritation wouldn’t stop. In the end I had to email my teacher and miss my first class in order to lay down in my bed with a cold compress covering my face.

The only upside to this entire story is the fact that it did indeed snow last night and that walking outside with my face exposed to the cold has helped it feel immensely better. I hope that everyone is having a much better snowy day than mine has been and that you take a second to look at the Nott in all this glorious snow.


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