Big Uniolutions

11 Jan

It's easy to forget how beautiful winter can be!

Second post of the week, going strong.

I figured it was necessary to make another post solely based on Uniolutions aka Union Resolutions (Yes, I did just make that word up, but it seems rather fitting for the start of this term). Not to be confused with New Year’s Resolutions, Uniolutions deal strictly with resolutions based on classes, clubs, grades, the gym, or any other idea based on this campus. It is a way to clearly focus what you want to achieve this trimester. For further understanding I will compile my own list, so please bear with me. And once you understand how this works, which I’m sure you already do you little smarty pants, feel free to make your own. You can hang them on your wall, make them your new Facebook status, tape them to your desk (which you’ll probably lose sight of once your books, journals, and subsequent other material begins to pile up), or even show them off to your floor with pride. The possibilities are really quite endless. Okay so here are my carefully crafted Uniolutions:

1. To actually enjoy all of the my classes by being an active participator and REALLY listening to EVERYTHING my teachers have to say. (That can’t be so hard, right?)

2. To meet and get to know at least two nice, interesting, and driven students of any grade and/or age (I don’t mean driven to party or interesting in that they can crush cans with their foreheads like neanderthals).

3. To go to the Alumni Gym at least 5 days a week, especially during the hours when almost no living being is there (Who wants to see me sweat from every pore on my body? I don’t even want to have to see that and I own this body).

4. To finally figure out my major(s) and never look back (I’m almost 100% sure I’ll be an English and French double major, but no one knows for sure).

5. To find at least one delicious or edible entree in the dining halls every night (This seems like it might be a difficult task, but I have faith that I will find something really awesome).

6. To get enough sleep (I’m sure this would probably be one of everyone’s Uniolutions, however mythical it may seem).

7. To open my eyes and take in the beauty of the campus every single day (Sometimes we move so fast we miss the tiniest and most beautiful things).

8. To stop procrastinating and just do my work ASAP (This will probably be the most challenging resolution…sigh).

9. To clean my common room and dorm room at least once a week (Scratch what I said above. This will without ANY doubt be the hardest resolution. Yowza).

10. To involve myself in a club, project, or organization that really makes a difference in the lives of others and is something that I truly believe in (And this is probably one of the most important to me).

So there you have it ladies and gents. I have more Uniolutions, but I won’t bore you with them any longer. I hope you all make your own, whether you physically write them down or just ponder them for awhile. I wish everyone a happy and productive winter trimester!


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