Onto the Next

9 Nov

So this is it. The final week of the fall trimester. I can’t say I’m too sad to see it go, although winter trimester is always a little hard to get through with all the snow and freezing cold temperatures. Fall trimester has definitely had its ups and downs. I’ve made a million and one realizations this fall in my social life, my academic life, and I can sense that I have grown in some important way. I’ve once again switched my major. This time I know for sure I’ll be doing a French major, I’m just not sure what the second major will be. Probably English which then might just turn into journalism. Who really knows at this point. But I’m sure fall trimester has been interesting for all of you out there, especially the freshman. It’s always the scariest trimester, but as soon as you get through it you feel like you can just about accomplish anything. That is a pretty amazing feeling.

What we have to look forward to. At least it's beautiful to look at.

Right around this time is when everyone starts heading for the library to begin studying for the dreaded finals or to finish up some last minute research papers or presentations. I always end up staying in my room to study as everyone on my floor in Fox usually goes to the library so it’s eerily quiet for a change. This is what I like to consider the “make it or break it” week. It’s the last week, the last chance to study as hard as possible, to catch up on notes or work before break consumes us. So I say perseverance is  the key. Focus yourself and you’ll do just fine. You might even be less stressed out when next week hits and finals actually begin. Stock up on snacks and hop to it.

This trimester represents something special for me. It is the last trimester (hopefully!) that I will take a science course. I’ve never been super gifted in the sciences or mathematics for that matter, and if I can just tucker down and complete this science and lab credit I’ll be home free. The thought alone makes me elated. I can’t wait to focus on French and to be able to actually read and write essays again. I’ve really missed studying something I’m passionate about. It’s about time.


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