All Hallow’s Eve

4 Nov

I haven’t posted in what seems like twenty billion years, so I figured I’d do a fun post to jump back in again. So, Happy Belated Halloween everyone! Halloween is, in my opinion, the best weekend at Union College. There is so much to do, and so much to see. First of all everyone gets dressed up in the funkiest costumes and it is totally accepted. I don’t know about all of you, but I love getting the chance to dress up like a fool. The costumes were pretty funny this year and I was pretty much hysterically laughing the entire weekend. I dressed as a milkmaid, complete with braided hair and a frilly apron. One of my friends dressed as cupid and went around shooting people with her bow and arrow while my visiting french exchange student dressed up as Tintin, the comic book character that now has his own movie coming out. It was interesting to see everyone dressed up, out and about having fun.

The second wonderful thing about Halloween weekend is that it is also family weekend! My parents couldn’t come this year, but I was happy to wake up and see the horse drawn wagon rolling by my dorm window loaded with students and parents. It’s always nice to see students leading their parents around and proudly showing them Union. I ended up leaving Saturday evening to go to a family halloween party, but when I got back Sunday people were still celebrating. On Monday I got together with my girls and watched the movie Halloween and Friday the 13th while eating candy and pretzels dipped in Nutella. It was a tad horrifying as I can hardly stand the suspense and gore of scary movies. I mainly hid in my friends shoulder. I really wanted to go trick or treating, but none of my friends had the desire to get dressed up and become creepily old trick or treaters. Overall, the weekend was pretty awesome and I’m already looking forward to what next year has to offer. Maybe i’ll do a haunted hayride or finally figure out how to eat a candy apple without becoming a sticky mess. Who knows.

My halloween was really, really ScHAIRY. (That was a pretty awful halloween joke. I tried. I'm sorry). Also, props to Chris Sainato for the awesome photoshopping!


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