Expected Exhaustion

20 Oct

Exactly how I feel right about now...

Today was an absolutely exhausting day. It was the first day here at Union where I’ve felt very, very run down from all of my exertions. I don’t know how I am actually typing this post, to be honest! Upon waking up at 9:00 am I showered and hurried myself in order to get to work by 10:30. I ended up speed walking as I was a little behind schedule. After working for three hours at the Café, I then realized I was going to be late for French class unless I sprinted to Fox to grab my backpack and then to Science and Engineering! So that’s exactly what I did. Literally. By the time I made it to class I was sweating, huffing and puffing, and coughing up a storm, but I made it on time. I then ran from class to the library to pick up a packet from the reserve desk. Then I traveled to Rathskeller to get a vegetarian panini and back to Fox to do some Sociology reading before doing my three mile run. I finally got a little break when I went to dinner with my suitemate, but then had to head over to the gym to go on the cross-trainer for a half hour. I was then convinced it would be a good idea to go for a little swim, so I hopped in the pool to do some laps (aka I doggy-paddled around for a half hour…). Afterwards I came back to Fox to get a banana and then met up with my best friend back at the GYM!!!! What I do for her. After working out for 45 minutes we finally left and here I sit typing. I still have to shower, but every inch of my body is screaming in protest. I’m going to have to dig deep to find the strength to continue on and also completely avoid my bed. One second of sitting on that bed and it’s game over until tomorrow. Somehow I’ll manage to carry through tonight before bed time, but until then I’ll have to remember that the hardest things in life usually have the greatest benefits in the long run. Until next time!


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