Back to the U

16 Sep

As I arrived on campus Tuesday September 6th at approximately 11 am, it felt like a homecoming. The entire month of August I counted down the days until my return to Union, the return to my friends, professors, and the gorgeous campus. I couldn’t wait to pack up my car on the 6th and begin my 30 minute trek down the highway. I was so excited when I pulled into the parking lot that the twenty five million trips it took to lug all of my possessions up the stairs felt like a breeze. After my long summer of non-stop work it felt incredible to finally be able to see all of my girls. The reunion was pure bliss especially because as a sophomore I could finally live with them in Fox Hall. After putting my things away (the process took only two hours as compared to last years four), I ate at Upper for the first time as an official Upperclass student. Although it really wasn’t much different from West, I enjoyed the ability to actually be able to eat there during the week. After a night staying up laughing with my girl friends, I finally fell into a sound sleep. My classes started promptly at 9 am the following morning and with my joy from being back on campus I didn’t even wince when my alarm went off at 8 am. In fact I leapt out of my bed and sped walked to my first class (Biology 101).

As the day progressed I noticed a couple things. One being that there seemed to be a billion new fresh faces on campus. I realized that I was no longer the naive, curious little freshman that I was last year. Hundreds of students had stepped in to fill those shoes. It felt good to be a year older, but also a little sad. Freshman year was full of highs and lows, but it was my first year at Union and therefore a year full of learning and understanding. Another thing I came to realize was that on my return I felt 100% comfortable, like it was really my college, my campus. Surrounded by my friends on familiar turf felt wonderful in comparison to last year when everything was a little scary and uncomfortable. For some it takes literally a week to feel comfortable on this campus, but it has always taken me awhile to adjust to new places and faces.

I have a lot of expectations for my sophomore year. Get better grades, work hard, meet new people, have fun, and most importantly not to take everything (myself included) so seriously as that only adds to stress. I’m excited for this new school year especially as the fall weather begins to set in and change the look of the campus. I wish everyone lots of luck this year and hope that the freshman are off to a good start in their classes and blossoming social lives. Until next post!


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