United with a Bang

26 May

Fireworks in front of the Nott!

Last weekend was Alumni Weekend. Having never experienced anything like this before at any school I attended, it was interesting to see how much Union really values their Alumni and all they have done for the college. I have never seen so many Alumni flock to Union in order to take part in the festivities and almost  “relive” their college days. Saturday was really the start of Alumni weekend as events took place all day and well into the night.

Arriving back on campus, I first noticed how there were literally no parking spaces in the Seward Parking lot. My friend found one spot back behind West College, but there were no other spots to be found so my friends had to park all the way down Seward in an equally as full lot. We all decided to go to Rathskeller for something to eat, not expecting to find older men and women all dressed up in suits and dresses. At first I was throughly confused as I had forgotten that it was Alumni Weekend, but soon put two and two together. It was nice to eat side by side graduates of the college, especially as a freshman. I looked up to them as though they were all my future after leaving Union. I think what struck me the most was how happy they were to be back on campus reuniting with old friends and walking the familiar campus once again. It was wonderful to see the joy emitted from these graduates as they told stories of what life on campus was like for them years past.

Perhaps my favorite event of the night was the fireworks display. I had planned on going outside to watch them, but it struck me as too cold and buggy so I opted to watch them from my dorm room. My friends and I piled onto my bed on our stomachs and stared out the window at the gorgeous display. I’m sure it would have been even more awesome to see if we had been standing right outside the Nott Memorial, but nonetheless it was incredible. I have never known of a college that has done something like that for all of its graduates and I doubt I will be able to find another. I think what struck me the most was the union of alumni and current students that evening as they all took in the fireworks together.

The funniest moment of the evening was definitely seeing alumni out and about at the frats. One of the frats threw a fun summer themed party outside of the frat complete with great music and a lot of dancing. As I walked through the party with my friends I couldn’t help but to notice the abundance of alumni milling around with the students! At first I was surprised because I couldn’t believe an alumni would want to go to a frat, but then I realized it might be the only night for a long time to come that these alumni got to relive the college days complete with dancing and fun frat parties. Many of them were probably comparing this party to ones they went to when they were in college and I thought the idea of that was pretty cool. I can’t wait to graduate and come back for an alumni weekend to catch up with all of my friends from college and to see what has changed since I graduated.


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