A Change of Heart

12 Apr

One thing that is so great about Union is that it allows you to change your mind. I must admit that when I was younger I was the type of person who constantly changed her career path. I went from wanting to be a famous singer to wanting to study molecular biology. As I got older I realized my true passion was for psychology and that all I really wanted to do in my life was help others overcome their specific disorders. Without a doubt I knew that psychology was the major for me and upon arriving at Union I immediately threw myself into psych courses with zeal. Psych 101 was basic, yet interesting nonetheless. I learned a lot in the short ten weeks I took it, but something was missing. I brushed this feeling aside and took three courses the next trimester that had nothing to do with psychology. It was nice to have a little break in between, but by trimester three I was ready for psychology once again. This time I decided to take Psych 250 or Abnormal Behavior. Thus far the course is interesting, but not stimulating. It wasn’t until last night that everything clicked into place.
For so many years I have been enclosing myself in this teeny tiny box, stating over and over again that I am psychologist and will never be anything else. I decided I had to major in psychology yet when it came time to turn in the declared major sheet, I found I was hesitant. Now I understand why. While I love psychology, I don’t love all of it. There are parts that interest me, but there are also many parts that bore me to tears. I love psych, but deep down I’ve come to realize I will never make it as a psychologist because the passion will never be there. And that is what I love about this school. I don’t have to decide what I want to be right now, I have so much time to figure everything out. Last night it dawned on me that I should do something with my life that infuses me with joy. I need to have a profession that I am so passionate about it fills me with emotion. It wasn’t until my friend put things in perspective for me that I realized the things I love lead to two possible professions. I have now decided to become a nutritionist and a writer, because two really is better than one.
Even if I think I’ve figured things out, I can still go back and change my major, change my career path. I don’t have to tuck myself into a little box stuck with a label of what I am convinced I should be. Now out of this box, I have the freedom to figure my life out. I am surrounded by new possibilities at Union and the world seems endless. I am so thankful that I have had the luck of attending a liberal arts college as you don’t truly know what you want until you are waist deep in what life has thrown your way.


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