‘Tis the time of year

5 Apr

My very first visit to Union (Note the big smile!)

It is another rainy day here on campus. The rain has reduced the school to one giant swamp pit complete with a million squiggly worms and students wearing all sorts of patterned or ridiculously expensive rain boots. Despite the icky weather, I can’t help but notice just how many students have recently been visiting the campus. Although the rain puts a damper on things, it can not mask the splendor of the campus and its community. About this time last year I myself visited the college for the very first time. At this point I had no idea I would fall in love and make it my college. I actually applied to Union on a whim, never having visited or expecting to want to go here. After I received my letter of acceptance, I was blown away by the amount of financial aid I received and it became a very serious option for the 2010-2011 school year. What solidified my decision was the visit. It was a slightly chilly spring day, but was nevertheless lovely. Driving down the tree-lined avenue and seeing the Nott Memorial for the first time was incredible. I had had no idea that such an interesting and exotic building existed in Schenectady, let alone the state of New York. It was really an unusual and stunning site. Leaving the car with my mother and boyfriend of the time in tow, I began to explore the school I quickly began to realize would be my school for the next four years. The buildings reminded me of old southern charm and the people surrounding me were incredibly helpful and good natured. Union has the kind of atmosphere that draws you in and doesn’t want to let you go. I was hooked immediately. I remember going home that night with my decision already made and was even more excited upon my return with my father. He loved it just as much as I did.
The Accepted Students Day is right around the corner and I can’t help but get a little bit excited. This year I will most likely host a student for the day and I am very excited at the prospect of sharing all Union has to offer with someone. I hope the students who visit feel the same strong connection I did and that they fall in love and never want to leave. It can be an incredibly overwhelming day with so many activities, so many new faces, and so many questions running through your mind, but it is also a day of answers and of powerful community. Whether these accepted students decide to make Union theirs or discover that it isn’t the perfect fit, I wish them all well and hope to see many of the same faces around campus next year.
Disclaimer: If any prospective or already committed students have any questions, comments, etc please feel free to contact me on Facebook via message (Adah Keegan). I would be more than happy to answer anything anyone would like to know!


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