We’re Backkk!

1 Apr

The lovely Memorial Chapel

After a much relaxed week and half without classes, school work, or a self-imposed curfew it is now time to head back to the daily grind here at Union College. I can’t say that I am sorry to see spring break fly by as I spent my time at home doing almost nothing the entire time. I was so excited to step foot back on campus this past Sunday and even more elated to see my friends once again. The weather was absolutely beautiful, as opposed to today when it is once again snowing, and I couldn’t wait to start my new classes. This spring trimester holds so much promise for all of us Union students. With warmer weather comes brighter moods and higher energy levels. The weather will also bring us out onto the campus to enjoy the sunshine and each others company while tanning on the lawns, playing frisbee, or simply sitting around chatting on a sun-warmed stone wall. With this delightful weather comes warnings from our professors, advisors, and even R.A’s. I can’t tell you how many times I have already been told to keep myself and my education in check this spring term. I have been told how easy it is to fall off the wagon and simply give up caring about school due to all the summery activities going on around campus. Although this might scare some, it does not scare me. I see spring trimester as a chance to have an incredible social life, but at the same time I understand the ramifications of making this social life my sole focus. In my life it has always been school first, having fun second. It is easy to balance both by getting your work done early so that you can enjoy all that the campus has to offer.

Something that I am greatly looking forward to is Springfest in May. The rumors I have heard thus far are fantastical, proclaiming that it is a week of debauchery mixed with a raging good time. I have heard it is a full week of nothing but fun, listening to a band perform while hanging out with friends. I personally hope that it is a week that brings the campus community a little bit closer together in the warm months ahead as I feel like the classes are their own separate entities. Until I experience it I won’t know what truly happens, but I will be sure to write an entertaining post on it.
Some other things that I am looking forward to are the classes I have chosen to take this final trimester of my freshman year. I will be taking French 201, Geology 101, and Abnormal Psychology (or Psych 250). Each class offers something different and that is what I love about them. Two of the three courses are required for my majors, but that makes them more exciting as they are classes I am truly interested in with professors I actually connect to. Geology, otherwise known as the odd course, already seems like a great choice. So far I have had two classes and while some of the material is review, I have already learned so much. I never thought in a million years I would be taking a course in Geology at Union, but I am very glad that I took this opportunity and signed up for it. My excitement is endless due to the fact that I finally get to use my hiking boots this season when we take field trips!
All in all I have much to look forward to throughout the course of my favorite season. There is already so much to do that I don’t even know where exactly to start. All I know is that by focusing on this trimester and all that is has to offer I will become a stronger student and a much more integrated member of this community.

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