Spring Break: Mon Amour

3 Mar

As the second trimester winds down and spring break comes into view, I can’t help but become a little excited. With one final and two final papers looming on the horizon before ultimate freedom I am becoming giddy. The only thing standing in the way of my spring break is the freezing cold weather. Growing up in Albany I know what to expect from the weather this time of year, yet it seems like the winter continues to drag on and on and on with no end in sight.
Spring Break. This is usually the time when students actually take a vacation and go someplace warm, sandy, and alcohol friendly. People tend to come back twenty shades darker than they were when they left with a fresh outlook on the third trimester. Sadly, not all of us can afford the luxury of traveling abroad and therefore must either stay at home bumming it or work over the break. This will be the first year I will not be traveling abroad, and in all honesty it is a welcome change. I do not have to stress over flights, try to pack a suitcase under fifty pounds (I always had to get rid of some of my heels at the last minute…), nor do I have to wake up every morning at 8 am in order to site see for the entire day. Instead I have decided to spend my spring break at home, alone (my father and brothers do not have the same vacation), sleeping in and working here and there. I can not wait. After a trimester of ups and downs, full of stress and sleepless nights, I am so excited to lay in my own bed at home and just relax. As the weather slowly gets nicer I am elated at the prospect of being able to run outside, in my own neighborhood. So long boring treadmill!
Another great thing to think about is that Union College students have no work over the break due to the trimester system. This means there are no essays, projects, or textbook reading to worry about it when all you want to do is enjoy a much deserved break. Union has a true Spring Break and for that I am quite grateful.
I am counting down the days until I can sleep until noon, walk around my house in my pajamas, hang out with the boys in my family, and read an actual book of my choosing. Until this day I continue to go to class, do my work, and of course make the most of the last week and a half of my second trimester. I don’t know how excited everyone else is, but that first day of Spring Break is going to be incredible.


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