Late night at Reamer

15 Feb
Union’s own Campus Center

As I am sure most readers know, Reamer refers to Union’s glorious Campus Center where many of the colleges activities go down. It is a bubble of energy on campus and recently it put on a late night party that I am still thinking about fondly.
This party, running from 10 pm until 2 am, seemed like some sort of corny event via email. For the first week I began receiving emails I had already determined that I would not be attending, but the week of I had a spontaneous change of heart. I figured I might as well check out what the campus had to offer its students on a Saturday night. So I trudged across campus with a few of my friends and prepared for a lame time.
The first thing I noticed upon entering the first floor of Reamer was the bull riding that was taking place center stage. A mechanical pull stared me in the eye before taking its rider on one crazy ride. As I took up a table and sat watching rider after rider try to stay atop the evil thing, I realized the longest anyone could hold on was 10 seconds. Now that is just plain sad. Students were getting whipped around like Willow Smith’s hair in her music video ‘Whip It’. Talk about hysterical. One kid actually flipped off the bull and landed feet up on the blue mats! While wondering whether I would have the strength to hold myself up on that massive beast, my eye caught hold of a bunch of students dressed up in old time costumes. I quickly realized this meant there were old fashioned photos being taken and my heart skipped a beat. I had always wanted to do just that. The girls and I hurried over and began putting together some of the most ridiculous outfits I have ever seen. Since there were three of us we decided that one of us would be the gun slinging cowboy complete with faux leather floor length jacket, one would be the town’s own southern belle, and the other would have to be the crazy bar maiden who side-lined as a can-can dancer. I of course chose the bar maiden and what ensued was one of the best memories I have at Union College thus far. The photo was a mix of embarrassment and delight as we posed in front of a saloon back drop. I am still laughing when I think back on it.
After our photo opportunity, we headed to the second floor where some arcade games were set up. We didn’t stay too long on this floor as we realized the food wasn’t so great and the games were of no interest to us. Heading up to the third floor, my friend and I realized that they had a build-a-stuffed animal workshop. We immediately decided we wanted to make one for each other, an early Valentine’s day present. But as we rounded the stairs we came face to face with a line like no other. Everyone and their mother wanted to create a stuffed creature. What appeared to be a million and one couples stared back at us from there places in line, no doubt ready to defend there position if we should decide to budge the line. You can’t get in the way of true love. There was no way we were waiting in that long a line to stuff cotton into a furry creature. We looked sadly at each other as we both knew there would be no teddy bears knit with tender love and care this Valentine’s day. But what there would be was fried dough covered in powdered sugar! Our eyes moved from the line of students and fixed on a distant food set up. Sweet mother of the lord I had never been so excited in all my life to see that fried dough. We loaded our plates with delicious goodness and sprinkled an extra bit of powdered sugar for good measure. My eyes and my mouth watered as I took my first bite. HEAVENLY.
On to the fourth and final floor. This floor had lots of arcade games, but we soon found what we were looking for. Sand art! What a forgotten art form. I filled up a smiley face bottle with all different colored sand and was heart broken when some of the sand ran together. My artistic vision ruined! Thankfully my suite mate was there with a surprise. She had created sand art for me as an early Valentine’s day present. I made sure not to mess with this one. After leaving the sand art station, I came face to face with the hot dog table. Oh no. Whenever I see hot dogs I can’t just let them lie there. So instead of ignoring them, I grabbed a plate and chowed down on two incredible chili dogs. So worth the extra high intensity dance session the following day.
After the carnage, the girls and I travelled back downstairs to sit and relax. It was nice to sit in a peaceful, warm setting and talk about our days over glasses of lemonade. Around 12:30 we decided to go dancing at the frats, but not before stowing our prized possessions from the evening in our mail boxes for safe keeping.
I have never been so glad that I attended a campus event. It was a lot of fun, even if we never got to build a stuffed animal. It was also nice to see how many people from the community came out to support a school sponsored activity. My only regret for the evening was not riding that devilish bull. I still dream of beating 10 seconds.


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