Minerva on the Brain

8 Feb

For the past two weeks I have mainly had one thing on my mind. One thing that keeps nagging at me and making it impossible to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. My Minerva.

The Majestic Golub

The Minerva houses at Union have always fascinated me due to their uniqueness. I have never seen a housing program quite like this at any other college or university. What is really cool about the program is that you are automatically involved in a Minerva house the moment you become a student, but it is up to you how involved in the house you want to be. Living in a college dorm can be really gross, so it is a nice change to be able to go to your Minerva house whenever you want in order to lounge around on the plush couches or cook an actual healthy meal in the kitchen. I have loved being able to go into Golub, my Minerva, whenever I want in order to hang out and watch T.V. or bake cupcakes. Plus the house is all around so much nicer than the dorm I live in it is like a welcome vacation every time I step inside.

So why, you ask, am I constantly thinking about my Minerva? This is due to the fact that Minerva housing applications are due in less than a week. My application has already been filled out and sent, yet I can’t help thinking about it. I want so badly to live in my Minerva next year for a variety of reasons.
1. I have yet to feel a true sense of community in Davidson, my current dorm. I want to be part of an actual close-knit community of students of varying ages. I keep having this recurring dream in my head of waking up in Golub and cooking pancakes for the whole house. Not that this will ever actually happen due to the fact I probably would burn the house down cooking that early in the morning, but it is nevertheless a wonderful thought.
2. The Minerva’s put on so many events that I can’t help but be drawn to it. I want to feel a part of these events by actively participating in organizing them. In high school I really enjoyed planning events and and attending the finished product. I want to constantly be surrounded by activity and amusement. How great would it be to come downstairs and find a little party going on in the living room?
3. The other housing options for next year seem so bleak compared to my Minerva. I would either be living in Fox Hall or College Park. Fox Hall is essentially the same as Davidson and the thought of living in a Davidson-esque building for the second time makes me shudder. While College Park is a renovated hotel that has been turned into a dorm complete with air-conditioning, the walk to campus is really not worth it. If I had a car I would be all for making the drive everyday to campus, but the fact is I do not own a car and probably will not own a car until Junior year. Therefore a 15-20 minute walk to campus everyday is out of the question.
4. My Minerva is beautiful. Who doesn’t want to live in a house equipped with its own bevy of study rooms, great lounge areas, and a very cleanly and organized kitchen? While I have never seen the bedrooms, I have seen the floor map and I must say they are much bigger than the bedrooms in Davidson. Plus the bathrooms are much closer to all the rooms.
These are only a few reasons why I wish to live in Golub next year. I am crossing my fingers my application is good enough to allow me to move in next year, but I won’t know until the spring whether I have received a coveted bedroom. Until then my Minerva will never leave my brain.

5 Responses to “Minerva on the Brain”

  1. Siren February 11, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    >The walk is not so bad! Only six minutes from CPH to West (aka the edge of campus).

  2. Benjamin Engle February 15, 2011 at 5:03 am #

    >Golub House Council Meetings–Open to everybody–Monday, Common Lunch.Benjamin Engle@benjaminengleGolub House Student Representative to the Minerva CouncilGolub House Secretary

  3. Melanie February 15, 2011 at 5:15 am #

    >HI Adah,If you have any questions about Golub, or want to see the bathrooms, let me know. I'm the House Chair of Golub House and currently have a single there. I lived there both my sophomore and currently junior year and came from davidson just like you, and it is all you are expecting.Oh, and Benjamin and I have tried making pancakes before.. lets just say the fire alarm went off, in the middle of last february.. yea. If you want to get more involved definitely start coming to our meetings (Monday at Common Lunch) which is open to everyone!Also, the council has a bit of say as to who gets to live in the house, so if you're involved you'll definitely get a room :)@Melanie_Watman

  4. Melanie February 15, 2011 at 5:16 am #

    >I mean the bedrooms 😛 but the bathrooms are great too! haha

  5. Adah March 1, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

    >I actually went to yesterdays meeting with my future roommate. I think both of us want to get involved with the council! Mimi Richards (my roommate) and I were wondering if you could possibly show us around the upstairs, just to get a feel for what it would be like to live there next year. That would be fantastic!

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